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Considerations to Make on Choosing the Right Padlock

A good padlock can offer you protection in a variety of settings to safeguard your valuables at house or office. Say for example, you want to lock up your gate / garage or want to keep your toolbox sealed in order not to let your kids access it, padlocks help. Padlocks are so popular across the globe as a multipurpose security mechanism, which comes in various sizes and shapes. The locking methods also vary in each padlock, which makes it unique and foolproof in terms of security. There are different padlock models including key locks as well as keyless locks.

Padlock security measures

Once you value the level of security needed, it will be easier to take a wiser decision in choosing an appropriate padlock. Basic key or combination locks are sufficient in most of the settings. However, if you suspect the risk of lock getting picked or bold being cut by burglars, then you should give extra consideration to the materials used and lock features. It may increase the cost of purchase, but of course ensures more security.

  • Hard steel locks - These locks are made of hardened steel and it will be hard for someone to penetrate it using normal metal cutters. Know what defeats a burglar is the time taken to break in. Shackle steel cannot be cut that fast, which will in turn discourage a thief to work on it for more.
  • Extra pin tumblers – At key locks, expert burglars used to pick the pins fairly fast with ease. To counter it, you can rely on a padlock which has 5 or 6 tumblers. Tumblers are the space where the key gets pushed down or up to fall into a right position and get the lock opened. More tumblers means more time taken for thieves to pick the lock.